\(ˈ)rē+\ transitive verb
Etymology: re- + lease
: to lease again : grant a new lease of

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/ree lees"/, v., re-leased, re-leasing, n.
1. to lease again.
2. Law. to make over (land, property, etc.), as to another.
3. a contract for re-leasing land or property.
4. the land or property re-leased.
[1820-30; RE- + LEASE]

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re|lease «rih LEES», verb, -leased, -leas|ing, noun.
1. to let go: »

Release the catch and the box will open.

2. to let loose; set free: »

She released him from his promise.

3. to relieve: »

The nurse will be released from duty at seven o'clock. Release me from this life, From this intolerable agony! (Robert Southey).

See syn. under dismiss. (Cf.dismiss)
4. a) to give up (as a legal right or claim). b) to make over to another (property or interest).
5. to permit to be published, shown, sold, or otherwise distributed: »

to release a news dispatch, to release a motion picture.

6. Obsolete. to pardon.
1. the act of letting go; setting free: »

the release of strain from an engine. The end of the war brought the release of the prisoners.

2. freedom; relief: »

This medicine will give you a release from pain.

3. a part of a machine that sets other parts free to move: »

Press the release and the turntable will begin to turn.

4. a) the legal surrender, such as of a right or estate, to another. b) the document that does this.
5. permission for publication, exhibition, sale, or other form of distribution: »

Now in the final stages of editing, the two-hour picture is scheduled for midsummer release (Newsweek).

6. a) an article, statement, or the like, distributed for publication: »

a news release.

b) a phonograph record, motion picture, or other mechanical recording similarly released: »

One of the most satisfying of the recent releases [is] his “Blues in Orbit” (Punch).

7. Phonetics. the act or fact of breaking the closure in the articulation of a stop, as b, t, and k sounds.
8. Obsolete. a pardon.
[< Old French relaissier < Latin relaxāre. See etym. of doublet relax. (Cf.relax)]
Synonym Study transitive verb. 2 Release, free mean to set loose from something that holds back or keeps confined. Release suggests relaxing the hold on the person or thing: »

He released the brakes of the truck.

Free suggests removing or unfastening whatever is holding back: »

He freed the bird from the cage.

re-lease «ree LEES», transitive verb, -leased, -leas|ing.
to lease again.

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